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Our Responsibility

Green's take it's corporate responsibility very seriously and we are proud of our efforts in the following areas:

Local Sourcing (supporting local farmers)

Green's procures more than 90% of its raw materials from Australia, including 100% of its oats, flour, sugar, popping corn and other grains.

100% Australian Made

All Green's products are made here in Australia from predominantly local ingredients.

No artificial colours or flavours across Green's baking range.

To find out more, visit the Green's Baking website.

Support of individuals dietary needs

To find out more about our Gluten Free products, visit the Basco website.

Sustainability and Environment

Green’s have established and maintain a system that endeavours to identify, prevent, control and minimize adverse environmental impacts. Learn more...

Palm Oil

Green's source palm oil that is certified and sourced from sustainable plantations. Our palm oil supplier is a member of the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil, ensuring the supply of certified palm oil and established consistent standards.

Workplace Gender Equality

Green's is an Equal Opportunity Employer - and compliant with WGEA.

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