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Sustainability & Environment


Green’s General Foods have established and maintain a system that endeavours to:

  • Identify, prevent, control and minimize adverse environmental impacts, whilst retaining product and service performance, quality and safety associated with company operations.
  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation, work towards relevant industry standards or codes of practice where nominated by the business.
  • Reduce waste, conserve resources (in particular water, energy and other natural resources) and prevent pollution.
  • Train and educate all management and employees so they understand their roles, responsibilities and are given the appropriate skills, competences and involvement and have good environmental awareness.
  • Responsibly manage resources and wastes.
  • Work with our contract manufacturers, contractors, suppliers, employees and customers and participate in relevant industry or other programs to achieve environmental improvements.
  • To this end, the Company has become a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant and will establish an action plan which will outline what will be done to achieve "Best Practice" in the area of environmentally sound manufacturing and packaging.

Australian Packaging Covenant

Green's General Foods is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant and is committed to the principles of Product Stewardship, which are incorporated into company policies and procedures and put into action in all the relevant areas of:

  • Product and Packaging Design
  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Disposal
  • Research
  • Market Development
  • Education
  • Labelling
  • Wholesaling and Retailing
  • Recycling and Reprocessing

Executive Summary

As a business, Green’s has been active in using sustainable packaging with corrugated fibre board made from 100% recycled material and inner cartons from 95% recycled material both manufactured using environmentally friendly chlorine free processes. These materials can be recycled again. The rigid plastic containers we use are fully recyclable by consumers via kerb side recycling schemes. Only in the area of flexible laminate films is recycling currently not an option. However, as our action plan outlines we will be using the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines to systematically review all the different types of packaging that we use in order to look for further ways to be more efficient in the use of packaging, maximise the use of recycled content packaging and recyclable packaging. This documented process will guide us on further actions that can be undertaken. The initial part of our plan prioritises the review of existing processes and packaging formats, which will then generate further actions in line with good business practice and the principles behind the Australian Packaging Covenant.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Matthew Russell
Group General Manager
Green’s General Foods Pty Ltd

Company Summary

Green’s General Foods Pty Ltd. is a private Australian brand owner and food manufacturer with annual revenue of around $120 million.

The head office is based at Glendenning in Western Sydney, which is also the manufacturing and distribution site for the business. This site produces a diverse range of consumer foods including baking mixes and other dry blended foods, peanut butter, cereals and popcorn. The business markets products under the Green’s, Lowan, Poppin and Basco brands and also manufactures products for private label customers and supplies ingredients to other food manufacturers.

The business uses an extensive range of packaging mediums the main ones being flexible film laminates, carton-board folding cartons, microwave popcorn bags, PET and HDPE rigid containers and caps, corrugated fibre-board boxes and bulk bags.

Contact Officer Details

Mr Derek Joy
Packaging Development Manager
Green’s General Foods Pty Ltd.
29 Glendenning Rd
Glendenning NSW 2761
Ph: 02 9830 9960
Fax: 02 9832 0507

Download Packaging Covenant Action Plan 2010-2015

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