Welcome to Green's General Food Company

We are an Australian based company and have been producing and distributing food products under our household brand names of Green's, Lowan, Poppin, Basco and the old time favourite, Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs, at our Sydney plant since 1978.

In 2013, we acquired the Waterwheel biscuits business, which owns brands such as Waterthins, Roccas Deli and Waterwheel.

In 2014, we acquired the Paradise Biscuit company. Producing some of Australia’s most popular cookies and brands such as Paradise, Cottage Cookies and Veri Deli the biscuit manufacturing facility is based in Queensland Australia.

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Green's Poppin Lowan - Whole Foods Basco - Gluten Free Foods Lolly Gobble
Paradise The Little Brownie Company Waterthins Roccas Deli Waterwheel