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Our Capabilities

Green's has a broad set of manufacturing capabilities enabling the manufacture of a number of diverse product forms including:

Cakes Cakes
Muesli Muesli
Microwave popcorn Microwave popcorn
Pancake & maple syrup Pancake & maple syrup
Extruded cereals Extruded cereals
Caramel popcorn Caramel popcorn
Gravy Gravy
Side Dishes Side Dishes
Oats Oats
Gluten Free Cereal Gluten Free Cereal
Crackers Crackers
Creams Creams
Cookies Cookies
Plain Biscuits Plain Biscuits
Brands Check out our brands.
Green's Poppin Lowan - Whole Foods Basco - Gluten Free Foods Lolly Gobble
Paradise The Little Brownie Company Waterthins Roccas Deli Waterwheel